Stang End: The Start of A Journey

Today I became a volunteer at Ryedale Folk Museum (subject to references). This blog is my attempt to learn and understand my role. I want it to be a place to share my journey as a new volunteer.

Where does the title Stang End come from? It is the name of the building I have adopted as a volunteer. The idea is a relatively new initiative in the museum for a way of deploying volunteers.

The idea is that volunteers might be supported and useful by having responsibility for a building. For the word responsibility you could swap it for opportunity or focus. Plus, the choice is down to the individual.

I chose Stang End because it has a garden and some outbuildings. It also has a wonderful interior. I’ll try and take a photograph of the interior if I can. I’ll post it on here later.

So, this blog will be about a developing understanding of what it means to be a volunteer in a museum. It will also be about Stang End itself. I will use it to build up and share my understanding of Stang End as a building, who lived there and how they lived there.

I want to say something about the museum and its location. Of course, I’m biased but very few would disagree its in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its a wonderful North Yorkshire village and if ever there was a chocolate box village this is a candidate.

So, from my experience I can say there are all kinds of reasons to visit Ryedale Folk Museum. One is the museum. Another is the village including pubs & cafes nearby.Then there is the marvellous surrounding countryside. When you leave the museum drive to Rosedale Abbey and pass through the most glorious countryside. And finally, I hope you will come and see Stang End!




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